The death of “Mom jeans”

For the past few years, Mom jeans have been the style everyone has been wearing and they seem to be so ubiquitous that they will never die. Thankfully if you don’t like the high waisted style the time of this style is coming to an end. This blog looks at the post mom jean styles that we’ll all be wearing in the future.

Mom jeans are loved by everyone. The high rise, non-stretch style is classic and will always have its fans. They are flattering to almost all body shapes and everyone can find the perfect pair. Now everyone is happy with their jeans it’s the fashion world’s duty to make everyone get out of their comfort zone and buy new jeans. So, what are we going to be wearing next?

The next big denim trend is going to be relaxed full-length straight jeans or jeans with gently flared bottoms. This trend will encourage you to wear heels with your jeans. You may have seen Kate Moss wear this style. Styles we’ve been noticing hitting the shops include boot cut jeans that aren’t too long that can be worn with trainers or flats, high rise straight leg jeans that are long enough to wear with heels or to turn up a bit for wearing with flats and some wide legged loose fit jeans for some 00s style. The ultimate in this style is Levi’s 505, the straight-legged ones, that sit on your hips and sit on the top of boots.

The best thing about these jeans is that they are getting away from the fitted, rigid style. They are generally lightweight and slightly stretchy. They also fit lower on the waist, so the biggest boon of all is the comfort these styles offer. Comfortable stylish jeans. Who’d have ever thought of such a thing?!?!

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